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A Guide to Increase Your You tube engagement

We are in the days of Digital media, where everyone is looking to dominate their competitor by using every Digital method. You tube is also a great way to promote your business in front of business friendly users.

youtube engagement

I know there are many websites which gives you the feature to share your videos but why i choose Youtube?

  1. It’s a Google Product and we all know how dominating Google is.
  2. Many experts say that you tube videos rank faster compare to other websites.
  3. One of the most popular website in the world.
  4. 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  5. YouTube is localized in 61 countries and across 61 languages. Etc.

If you have these kind of strong statics in a website, than why not to choose the website to promote your business. Many businesses are already working on this concept and they are getting benefits from it. So are you ready to use this platform to promote business, if yes then read below otherwise leave this article here. :)

Here we have some exciting tips to increase Your You tube Engagement.

  1. We all know how important is onsite optimization, doesn’t matter it is a website or a youtube video. Write proper Meta description and attractive title tags with perfect keyword optimization. This optimization not only ranks you high on youtube search but in Google search as well.
  2. Always remember updating your users with latest news will help you to promote your business on large level and sometime it turns into a business leads. So create a schedule to update youtube with new informative videos & news, always stick on it.
  3. Have seen Call to actions on videos? Do you think they worked? In my point yes they work, so use them in your every video. Use them to drive traffic to your website or to increase subscribership of your tube channel.
  4. Select meaningful video thumbnail, it is also a great way to increase your youtube engagement. If you have an attractive thumbnail then it might increase your video clicks, because thumbnails are the first look of your video or you can say it is a cover of your video.
  5. Video length is also an important factor, some time short videos work well compare to long videos but that doesn’t mean you will use only short videos. If you have any “how to video” or any educational video then make it 4 to 5 minute or may be long.
  6. Always reply to each comment you get on your video, doesn’t matter if it is negative or positive. This way you can maintain a healthy relationship with users.
  7. Share videos on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, pinterest & tumblr etc.. These sites will increase the readership of your youtube channel.
  8. Dont hesitate to include youtube videos on your email campaign, if you have something which is related to youtube video then go for it.

I hope these tips will improve your youtube channel engagement and increase your business through video marketing, if you have something to share don’t hesitate & just comment below. :)


Let me know which technique works well for you :)

Deepak Jha

Deepak Jha is the founder of the popular SEO blog, His site cover topics like link building strategies, Content Promotion, Social Media that will help you generate higher rankings, more traffic.

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