How to Get Top Positions by Accurate Link Analysis

First of all what is link analysis? It is just like a competitor analysis which every seo person does to gain some quality sites of their competitor. In this we are not going to do any Competitor analysis, but we do link analysis. From the beginning of seo people know that if you have large number of links, doesn’t matter they are relevant or not you will get the top positions in Google. These kind of irrelevant links called spam links, after Google become one of the leading search engine in the market. Their team starts to think to make quality results for their users; in this chain they introduce many Algorithms to provide only the quality sites to their users. Most popular algorithms which change the whole seo industry are Panda and penguin, because of these many people lost their top rankings and their business.

Panda works for Onsite optimization and penguin works for Offsite optimization (Links), but still people are asking what next or what to do to save their site from these two. For panda we all know that your onsite optimization has to be perfect and user friendly, you will get extra points if your site serves the right things to their users. But what for penguin? This question rises from the beginning of penguin and still we don’t have the correct answers to solve this problem.

Many people changes the whole process of link building, new a technique introduce in seo like Guest Blogging etc…but is guest blogging will save you? I think a big No because matt already said that many people are doing guest blogging like normal link building which is not good, they will treat your guest blogging links as spam if they are not quality. Again seo community is on back foot, so what actually we do to gain top rankings in google.

Many people are looking for new techniques or new way to get top positions, but why we are forgetting our old techniques. Old techniques are still working, we can’t blame to our old techniques for being penalize from Google. We are penalizing because of our own fault, so first of all we have to change our mind besides changing the techniques. Let’s talk about our mind, what we have in our mind?

  1. Do follow Links is good for site
  2. High PR links are good for site
  3. . Edu , .Gov links are good for site
  4. Thousands of links are good for site etc…

Are they really important? If yes then why every site is not ranking in first position?

In my view every link is important; Google is not going to delete any of your links. Doesn’t matter if it is Do follow or no follow, High PR or not High PR etc… Only one thing which Google will consider is quality of site through which you are getting back links. I know there are many tools to judge the quality of a site, tools like etc… Do you think that this analysis is good enough to gain number one position? I think No, so what we to do gain top ranking in Google. “Don’t be a machine, be a human” Don’t create large number of links like machines; just create few links but only good ones. A simple question arises how? Answer is Link analysis. So let’s start to know “how to perform link analysis”

The few important points which will help you in 2013, if you really want to rank high then use these methods before creating any links.

  1. Same IPs: Most of us never check the Ip of the site on which we are creating links, sites like forum, directory, bookmarking etc…   So now onwards before creating any small or big links on any site just check the IP of the site, doesn’t matter you are getting nofollow or dofollow links. Check is this site is created on same C class Ip? If yes then leave it and if not then grab it.
  2. Adult Content: Before creating any links just check that does this site has any adult content something like Banner advertisement or posting content etc… if you found any adult link on the site just leave it and move on.
  3. Content Updating: check is this site is updating on regular basis or it just updated 4 months ago, if you found that site is not updating on regular time of interval like once a week, once in a month etc… then leave it and found another site, don’t waste your time because it is not the right site to get links.
  4. Page Layout: Google is already strict on the page layout of the sites, many sites owner post bunch of ads on a single page. Which is not good according to Google, so if you create link on this site might be possible that you will hurt by google. Because google will not consider it as Quality link, might be possible that google will penalize this site in future through page layout algorithm.
  5. Domain Authority:  many people starts considering it, which I think are good. High DA shows quality of the site, because you can’t gain high quality DA by using easy methods. The only way to gain high DA is to gain back links from the High DA sites, which is not the easy task. Always select the High DA Sites, this not only increase your ranking but also improve your Link profile.
  6. Relevancy: It has two parts 1) Geographical relevancy 2) Content Relevancy

If you are working on a site which is globally targeted then content relevancy is more important, but if you are working on site which has local business then both are important. Always create a link which is relevant to your business and location, for geographical relevancy always check the server of the site like where the server is located. The address of the site (if it is mentioned on the site etc…)

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