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Bing Indexing Part-1

What is Indexing?
Search engine indexing is the process of search engines for collecting and storing data.

Why indexing is important?
It is the search engine index that provides the result for search queries, the pages which are indexed in search indexing will appear in search engine result pages.

What happen if I don’t index my site in search engine?
Indexing is an important factor for every site, with this they can increase visits to their site. The results we found for search queries are based on indexing; if your site is not indexed then it will not show in results pages.

What is Bing?
Bing is newly released search engine by Microsoft; the working method of Bing is quite different from other search engines. Bing has 15.2% of market share and Google has 66.2%.

How to Index a website in Bing?
Submit website to Bing is done by webmaster tool provided by Bing. In webmaster tool you will find an option for submission. After this Bing experts will check your site and index it in their indexing pages.

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What are the Bing Indexing parameters?
Bing has a different algorithm to index a site in his index pages; there are few points which are important for Bing indexing.
A) Bing does not support canonical tags and doesn’t offer canonical url management in their webmaster tool. Web sites should be canonical from their programmatic and point.
B) Bing crawler initially access a website’s root Domain without (www) if the server sends back a 200ok response then bing registers the website without (www). If non www domain is 301 redirected to (www) sub domain, bing usually follows this path and register the (www) domain of the website.

C) Page size is one of the factors in bing indexing, it easily and properly index those websites which have a 100k content size on their pages.

D) If a website has 302 canonical redirects instead of 301, then bing will not follow this and not index the website. Bing has stated that” we do not index any pages that have been 302 redirected by design”.

E) Some websites still utilize a Meta refresh to redirect web users, the uses of Meta refresh will terminate the bing crawler from accessing anymore of the websites being indexed. It
will be good, if you don’t use Meta refreshes.

F) Maintain a place in bing index, website must have at least one external link. According to Bing’s former Program Manager Brett Yount, websites “need to build page-specific back links before those internal pages will get indexed.”


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