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SEO Introduction

Seo stands for search engine optimization; it is the technique to optimize your site according to search engine. It is one of the best ways to promote your site on internet.
Seo has two types:
1)      On Page Seo
2)      Off Page Seo
1) On Page Seo: – it is the technique to optimize your website, in this we maintain some factors which are related to search engine and we modify some parts of website according to search engines. If your site has well on page factors then it definitely rank well in search engines.
2) Off page Seo: – it is one of the interesting and important parts of seo, in this your main work is to make links for your website. If you gain some quality links for website then search engines will prefer your website in their search results.
There are several methods in off page:-
1) Social Bookmarking: – This technique is very useful and quite frankly speaking it is one of the easy to do. You will find hundreds of bookmarking site most of them are free to use.
2) Forums:-it is one of the techniques to gain good links for website; here people will discuss what they feel or what problem they are facing or something related to it. But it is good if they are relevant according to your sites. For example if you have a website of “fish oil” then it will be good for you to reply on the thread where people are discussing about fish or fish oil.
3) Blog comment: – This technique will help you to gain some important links for your site, search engines like quality links and blog commenting will give you that.
4) Directory submission:- many people loves to search thing by using directories, some people prefers local directories for searching and on the other hand some people use general directories. Submit your site in both directories, some directories will give you free submission and some will charge you. Choice is yours!!!
5) Article Submission: – it is a paragraph which contains words around 400 to 500 hundreds. In this we describe some about are services in genuine way.
6) Competitor Analysis: – it is the best way to know how your competitor is on top, there are many free software’s available who can help you in this analysis.
Hope you will do better by applying these technique and get visitors on your website.

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