SEO Audit- why it is important?

Seo Audit, what is the actual meaning of SEO Audit?

SEO have 2 parts:

1. Onsite SEO

2. Offsite SEO


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If you are thinking to perform seo audit for your website or clients websites, then you have to perform all the necessary steps to make it successful. Now the question is why this audit is important? In seo we face many problems like Ranking drop, traffic drop, Low ROI, Algorithm penalizing etc… So a timely seo audit might help you to recover from all these problems. There is no specific time to perform SEO audit, but why we wait for the time when we got hurt and after that we start SEO audit. In my view it is good to perform audit on monthly basis instead of creating new links, because if your old mess is not cleared then you will not get benefits with the good work you have done in past and the good work you are doing in present. So let’s start the process by performing onsite seo audit for a website, you need to remember all these steps and cross check them with your website.

Task Name Status
Do you have custom 404 error page for your website? Yes or No
Do you have updated XML sitemap on your website? Yes or No
All the meta tags are optimized perfectly? Yes or No
Did you use Keywords in images? Yes or No
Does Your website’s home page & inner pages have enough content? Yes or No
All the Header Tags are properly used on every page? Yes or No
Does your inner page urls have keywords? Yes or No
Did you create internal links on every page? Yes or No
Have I checked website for internal duplicity? Yes or No
All the keywords have landing pages? Yes or No
Did you use Robot.txt file in proper manner? Yes or No
Did you check the canonical Urls, are they correctly pointing to the right page? Yes or No
Does every page have minimum page speed of 80? Yes or No
Did you set the Geographical location in webmaster? Yes or No
Have I installed www redirect on the website? Yes or No
Do you have videos on your target pages; all of them are fully optimized? Yes or No
Have I added language meta tags on all the pages of the website? Yes or No
Have I checked website for manual penalty in Google Webmaster Tool? Yes or No
If you have  Product Website :Have you added/updated product feed to Google Merchant Center?Have you installed e-commerce tracking in analytics? Yes or No
Does website have Google Places Listing? If not, have you applied for one? Yes or No
Have you submitted Geo Sitemap and added address using Schema? Yes or No
Have you checked the Bing Webmaster ? Yes or No

These all points will help you in fully onsite seo optimization, if you consider all these points while seo audit you will not only save your rankings but also save your website from Google Penalty. You can also perform this audit in every 15 days time period, whenever you find any thing missing on your website, just correct them on the spot.

Offsite SEO audit: In this we have to analyze the backlinks for the website as Link building expert, like from which website you are getting backlink. In this audit you have to perform these steps:

  1. Link Relevancy: you have to check the link relevancy, like from which website you are getting link back to your website. You have to confirm that the links you are getting must come from your niche related websites. Nowadays spam links are not countable, and if you have created these kind of links in past then remove them from your profile. Perform the link audit every week, because you never know when you get hurt and lost the ranks.
  2. NAP (Name, Address, and Phone): it is really important for local business; if you are consistent in NAP for your local business then you will get higher rankings. You have to maintain NAP on every profile doesn’t matter it is Facebook or twitter or any other local business directory; you must follow the concept of NAP.  If you have seen any lost in rankings or traffic just do an audit of every listing you have made for your business and fix them ASAP.

These SEO audits not only help you but also help your business in search results, so seo audit on timely manner will be good and safe. This is one of the safest way to protect business from any lost, don’t go with the number of links you are creating, just go with the quality.


Hope you all like this concept of SEO audit; please give your feed back by commenting and suggesting some more ways of SEO audit. :)

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