5 Outreach based link building that Will Rock 2013

Nowadays, Link Building has changed a lot, now it is not totally based on Forum commenting, blog commenting and article marketing. The modern Link building techniques are based on outreach doesn’t matter if it is a guest blogging outreach or infographic outreach, so here I am going to discuss few outreach link building techniques which really help you in the year of 2013.

outreach link building

1.Guest Blogging:

It is one of the famous outreach links building techniques and one of the effective techniques today to get quality links, nevertheless people are making it as spam by doing paid posting and by providing low content. Still if you do this in a right way, it will give you more benefits than other technique. There are lots of platforms who support guest blogging and which will help you to make guest blogging easier ex. My blog Guest, Buzz stream etc. With the help of these platforms, you can easily contact the blog owners with your suggestions. Learn More about this http://seobasicwithmee.com/a-guide-to-guest-blogging-for-seo-in-2013/


2.Info graphic:

It is similar to guest blogging, in this you have to create a visualize content with the help of unique content and awesome statistics etc… Either you can post it on your own blog with embedded code, so that interested people can embed it on their blog (with this approach you will get a free link) or you can post this infographic to someone else’s blog (as a guest post) with small amount of content. This Resource will help you in infographic creation:  http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/34223/5-Infographics-to-Teach-You-How-to-Easily-Create-Infographics-in-PowerPoint-TEMPLATES.aspx

3.Broken Link building:

This is also an old link building technique used by many experts, it is one of the best way to gain some high authority links.  It has simple procedure, just analyze the targeted website, find some broken links and finally outreach the webmaster with link alternatives. Here is the Bible of Broken Link building http://moz.com/blog/the-broken-link-building-bible

4.PR Link Building:

This technique is one of most powerful link building technique today, in this technique you have to be good in outreach. It is similar to guest blogging but more powerful, in this, you have to approach a reporter for help regarding their research or their next coverage related to your industry. In return of your help, you will get a back link from their story. Mantra to make it successful “First create relationship, and then go for the link”.

5.Content Building:

This is quite innovative technique and I think only few people are doing this, it is similar like broken link building. This is a combination of broken link building, PR link building and Guest blogging. Here are the few steps to perform this.

a) First perform an audit on your niche’s blog and check is there anything they are missing in their Blog posts?
b) If you think you can add some value to their blog posts, then collect your information and frame it in a good way.
c) Send an E mail to blog owner and notify him that he is missing some rightful information in his blog posts, which really helps his users and tell him that you can help him to complete his blog posts.
d)  If he is ready for you help, then send him your framed information. This increase your chances to get a backlink from his blog.link building techniques will help you in 2013; with these techniques you not only create some quality links but some good relationship with other industry people.

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