How to Make a Money Making Website

How to Make Money Making Website
Today, there are many people who are making money online, I am not talking about  few dollars but I am talking about thousands of dollars. Yes, you are right. Thousands of dollars from websites.

You can call those websites as money making website, but the important question is How to Make a Money Making Website?

Yes, you are right this is a big question.

There are many people who are eagerly looking for the answers of how to make money on a website or how they can make money from a website but the answer is quite simple. First and foremost important thing is to make an informative website, yes it’s true. If you make an informative website where people can get tons of knowledge then you can make money through your website.

I know it is not easy to do these things but trust me; these are not hard as well. Remember one thing failure isn’t the end of everything, if your idea is not working then just change it.

If you are trying too hard but you are not getting what you are looking for then don’t give up just try more.

Follow these simple steps for creating a website:

1. Domain Name:

You need to think about this carefully, this is one of the initial and most important step. You can search whatever name is coming in your mind and see if it is available or not, if available then purchase it so that other can’t use it.

2. Hosting Service:

Once you have booked a name for your website then you need a web hosting service where you can run your website. The hosting service provider must be good in service and support.

You can Choose Godaddy, Blue Host, Hostgator or any other local service provider as your web hosting partner.

You can also read my thoughts on Blue host WordPress Hosting. 🙂

3. Website Platform:

There are many platforms through them you can run your website like WordPress, Joomla, Opencart etc… But one of the popular is WordPress as it is easy to customize and seo friendly, with WordPress you can easily monetize your website for earning.

You can check my video on “How to install WordPress on Godaddy In just 5 minutes.”

For WordPress Customization you can read my other articles on
a) How to install themes in WordPress website.

b) +How to install plugins in WordPress website.

With these 2 articles, you can easily make a seo friendly beautiful website which not only attracts Search engines but attracts users as well. Once you have created a beautiful SEO friendly website, and then start writing your piece of content. Follow these writing tips:

  1. First, do keyword research and find out the topics to write the content.
  2. Check out already ranked articles on the same topic in search engines.
  3. Start writing and keep in mind that you have to make your article informative and interesting as compared to other articles which are already ranked in high in search engines.
  4. Do SEO optimization of each article.
  5. Promote every article on social media.
  6. Get in touch with influencers of your industry and increase your reader base.

You can check out my Awesome Blogging Tools List which makes your work easier and organizes for you.

Once you successfully make a website which has a good number of visitors count, then you can try these ideas through which you can make money from your website.

Easy and Coolest Online Money Making Ideas for All:

Google Ad sense:

This is one of the popular and trustful way to make money online from a website for free, there are plenty of articles on how to make money by Google ad sense even there are Google ad sense videos through them you can learn more about this money making platform for your website.

how to make money by Google ad sense

If you are thinking to earn money from Google ad sense, then just follow these Googles ad sense guidelines.If you follow these Google ad sense rules then the probability of your website acceptance in Google ad sense program will increase.

Once you have Google Ad sense approved account, then you can place ads on your website and get paid from Google.

Beside Google Ad sense there are other program’s as well, so if you get disapproval from Google then don’t worry you can try these Google Ad sense alternative for your website Infolinks, Vig Links, Chitika etc..


Affiliate Marketing:

In this, you can earn money by referring a user or a customer to merchant’s website. Once user clicks on your affiliate link you will get a commission which can be vary from to 10% to 75% if that user purchased any product from that merchant.

how to make a money making website for free

You can add merchants products on your website or blog, or you can mention them in your articles and recommend your users to buy their products.

If you are thinking to run a blog about shopping or life style then you can join the Amazon Affiliate Programme and if you are thinking to work on blogging niche then you can join Blue Host Affiliate Program. There are some other affiliate programs as well like Commission Junction, Click Bank, Theme forest etc.

Note: I added my affiliate links so that I can get some money from your referral. 😛


Own Product Creation:

This way you can create your own product and sell them through your website, these products can be an Ebook, Online Classes or might be any kind of tool.
Once you create these products you can sell them for years and get the recurring amount of money from them, but remember creating your own product doesn’t mean you will get more money until you promote them effectively.


How to earn money through ebooks

For Bloggers, I would suggest to write an Ebook and start selling them on various platforms like Amazon, Your own blog etc..

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is one of the popular ways to make money online, if you have thousands of followers on your email list then you can sell them your product or others products.
make money on a website
The main task is to get those thousands of followers on your email list and for that you have to be a great writer because there are millions of knowledge hungry people out there who can subscribe your mail list if you tell them the effective way to grow their business.

Just be an expert in your work and share your kick ass knowledge with your audience, definitely, it will pay you for a long term.

Sell Advertising:

if you are running a very popular website where your reader base is in thousands or in millions then you can go with this option as well. Selling advertising space on your website will increase your money; you can place banner ads or sidebar ads and get paid for it.

how to make money off a website
Just create and advertiser page or place an image which shows that people are accepted for direct advertisement, but one thing is important do not sell text links because if you do then you might get a problem from google.


Google Don’t like if a website sells text links, they treat it in a different way. So try to earn money in the right way by placing real ads on your website.

Selling Your Services:

This is also a most effective way to make money online through your website, most of the people first start with their blog and once they have good user base they start selling their services.

how to make a money making website
Writing great content will show, how knowledgeable you are and it might turn your users into customers because if they are regular on your blog then chances to become customers will increase.

Website Premium Section:

Creating a premium section on the website is also a good option to make money online from the website; you can create this section for premium users who paid you monthly or yearly for your exclusive tips, guides, case studies or videos.

In this section you can provide your most successful content which is exclusively available for your paid members, there are many bloggers who are selling webinars, course through this kind of strategy.

This works for many bloggers and I think this work for you as well, so if you are an expert and have a good amount of users on a monthly basis do try this strategy.

Website Selling:

This one pays you more than any other way; you can sell your website and get a big amount in return.
Yes, you are right; you can get a big amount by just selling your website. First, you have to build your web sites strong presence with great number of visitors per month, and then you can list your website on website selling platform like

how to make a money making website for free

If you are thinking about this strategy then you need to work hard, because more establish website you list for selling the more cash you will get.

With the help of these methods you can earn money online through your website or blog, I know there are more way to earn money but these are most trust able and profitable way to earn money online.


Hope you guys enjoyed this article; please let me know if you have any kind of question or suggestions to make this article more helpful for my loyal Readers.

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  1. Hi Deepak,

    Good to be over at your blog 🙂

    Informative post on tips to create a website, and yes, most of the points mentioned would differ from blogger to blogger, based on their choice of hosting service and website platform.

    Money making ideas are nice too, though it’s not easy for a blogger to venture into all of these. I guess it’s best to choose what works best for you, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  2. Hi Deepak

    I came to your site through ABC and this is an interesting article where you share cool tips to make money with a website.

    As bloggers, to be consistent in our profession, we need a way to make fund our passion. So these tips you mentioned are great. Thanks for sharing.

    Take Care

    1. Hey Robert,

      Some people just grow the website so that they can sell it. Just like few entrepreneurs do, they build the business and after that they sell it and move on to next venture. I don’t find any issue in that.

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