Is it The End of Local Search Terms- Google’s New Feature

Recently I have seem a new change in Google Search results, this feature works like a filter or you can make your search more specific. From many years seo communities are using city name with the keywords for local business, and always trying to rank local business for them. Now it is going to be very difficult for the link building experts to make a proper strategy.

Google Local Search

But with this new feature we can see that may be in near future Google will stop showing results for local terms, and they only prefer general terms.

Ex: if you want to search a coffee shop in your local area, what term you are using right now is “coffee shop + city name/Area Name” but in future, may be you have to type “coffee shop” and this new feature can filter your search by “city” or by “Zip code”. In my point this new feature is damn cool, but if you see its other side then you will see that Google will generate high revenue with this feature because this will impact on your ad words campaign and for that we have to wait for some time.

Please share your thoughts and views about this new feature and how this impact to Google searches. :)

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