One more article in the series of Worpress Guide, in last article we saw “How to install WordPress Plugins” and in this article we will talk about How to install WordPress Themes. WordPress themes can give your website or blog a professional look and optimize it more for readers.


There are thousands of wordpress themes available, some are paid with extra features and some are free. Just hit the search query in Google “Wordpress themes” and you will see many articles are offering wordpress themes, even you will see their Demo version so that you can predict how your website will look after installation of the theme.

There are three methods to install a wordpress theme on your blog, these are as follows:

  1. Search theme in wordpress theme library and install it.
  2. Upload theme through wordpress Dashboard.
  3. Upload theme via FTP ( Only for Pro Bloggers)

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With these methods you can easily install a wordpress theme on your blog, so let’s start our guide of installing wordpress themes.

  1. WordPress Theme installation through theme Library

    WordPress is one of the advanced platforms for bloggers; here you will get everything for blog customization. After completing the wordpress installation, just move on to Admin Dashboard. Here you will find an option called “Appearance” on the left side bar, just hover your mouse over there and you will get an option called “Themes” click on that and you will see some of the Default wordpress themes.

If you are not happy with wordpress Default themes, then click on “Add New” option which will be available on the top. Once you clicked on that, you will see wordpress themes library, where you will get hundreds of wordpress theme for Free.

WordPress Theme installation through theme Library

There are three tabs Featured, Popular, Latest; choose any theme from these 3 tabs. if you have a name of the theme in your mind then you can use theme search option which will be available on the right side top, just put the name of the theme and hit the search. Once you choose a theme, just hover your mouse on that theme and you will found two options “Install” or “Preview”. Either you can directly install that theme or just take a look on the theme preview which gives you a brief idea about the website look.

After clicking on Install button, the process of theme installation will be started on your website. Once the installation process done, it will ask you to activate the theme. If you activate the theme, the whole layout of the website will be change as per theme.

How to Activate WordPress Theme

This is how you can install a wordpress theme on your blog with the help of WordPress theme Libarary.

  1. Upload theme through wordpress Dashboard.

    This option will be helpful when you found a beautiful theme on 3rd party website; it might be a paid theme or free theme. Currently, wordpress is only giving the option to upload the .Zip file, so better to check that your theme will be in .Zip file format. Follow these simple steps to install a wordpress theme via uploading method.

    1. Login to your WordPress dashboard
    2. Navigate to Appearance> Themes > Add New> Upload
    3. Click on browse, locate your .zip file for theme and click on Install now.

Once you hit the install button, theme installation process will be started on your website. After few seconds, it will take you to another page, where you will see the options called “Activate” & “preview” if you click on the activate option, the theme will be live on your website. You can also take preview option so that you can get a brief idea about the look of your website with the theme.How to upload the theme in wordpress

  1. Upload theme via FTP ( Only for Pro Bloggers)

I would recommend this technique only for Pro bloggers; if you are a beginner then 1 and 2 steps will be good for you. This method can be use when you have downloaded theme from third party and your server is not allowing you to upload the theme through admin panel or you are having any error while installing it.

Before starting the FTP method, you need FTP software like Cute Ftp or filzilla. In this method we unpack the theme from .zip folder and upload it to theme folder which is located in WP-content folder of wordpress directory.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Unpack the theme.
  2. Login to FTP manager and locate the theme folder.
  3. Upload the unzip theme folder to wordpress theme folder.
    how to install wordpress theme through ftp

It’s done, now your theme is available on your server, we just need to activate it.

How to Activate wordpress themes:

how to activate already installed wordpress theme

After upload the theme through FTP method, now it’s time to activate that theme. Go to Appearance> Themes and you will see a list of all installed themes. You can Preview or activate the theme directly from here.

How to delete wordpress themes:

If you are not happy with your theme and want to delete it from your website then just follow this simple step. Navigate to Admin>Appearance >Themes and you will find all the themes which are installed on your website. Just click on the theme which you want to delete, a popup will come and the bottom of right side you will see a delete button.

how to delete wordpress themes

Hope that this guide will help lots of people who have just started their blogging career with wordpress, if you have any question then please let me know by commenting on the post. 🙂

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