How To Incorporate Instagram And Tumblr Into Your Social Media Strategy

Social media is changing rapidly and as new social media platforms are being introduced, it has become increasing important to be aware of how to use these social platforms. To grow your audience and to convert the new leads, you have to be innovative. If you are interested in knowing more about social media click on the following link, There is no doubt that Facebook and Twitter are the most important and widely used social media platforms for marketing. However, new visual based platforms such as Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram are now available and they have to be used as part of the social media marketing strategy to get better results. We will discuss about Instagram and Tumblr in this post and let you know the things that your followers in social media would like to see.


Instagram is an online media sharing and social networking service. Using Instagram, users can take photos and videos in their mobile devices, apply digital filters to the media and then share it with their friends and followers in the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. To know more about Instagram, click here,

Using Instagram in your Social Media Strategy

By using Instagram, you can post content that is interesting and entice people towards you. The best way to use Instagram is to share pictures and videos taken using Instagram with your probable clients. Before you share any media, it is important to understand if the media you are going to share will be to the liking of your followers. We have provided a list of pictures that we fell your followers will be interested to view. They are

  • Pictures of your office – By posting pictures of your office, you are able to push a message that you have the necessary infrastructure in place for your business.
  • Pictures of your team – By disclosing the people behind the business you will be able to gain confidence over your customers. They will feel connected to you and this can greatly help you.
  • Pictures of pets – It is a fact that people like to see pictures of cute animals. If you have a pet, share its picture to show that, you care for pets too.
  • Pictures of outings – Posting pictures of office trips and outings can give out a message that you care for the people who work for you. This will help build your personal and brand image.


Tumblr is a social networking and micro blogging platform that hosts over 130 million blogs. It is a image based platform, but also provides you with the option of adding text along with the pictures. This will give you the opportunity to incorporate content along with the pictures and to broaden the reach of your company. More information on Tumblr is available in the following link,

Using Tumblr in your Social Media Strategy

Post blogs – As you will find unique social media users in Tumblr, you will be able to reach out to a new set of audience through the site. Post blogs as you would do in the other social media platforms and broaden your reach.

Post pictures – By using Instagram, post pictures to Tumblr and add a back-story to the pictures. You can add links and keywords in the text to drive traffic to your site.

Post videos – Tumblr is considered to be the most video friendly social media platform. Therefore, make use or it to aggressively market using videos in Tumblr.

Post memes – Memes are very popular in Tumblr. Create memes about your business or industry or find something that is relevant from the internet and post it in Tumblr.


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Matthew Anton is an SEO expert who has carried out many successful social media marketing strategies for businesses.

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