Top 5 Free Content Curation tools to use in 2014

Hey Guys, We all know that 2014 might be the year of social media and content. I know that there are lots of quality blogs out there which covers interesting topics, but that doesn’t mean they are the only one. Today most of the experts are using content curation to update their self with every type of content and for that they use many content curation tools, some are paid and some are free. In this article I will tell you some of the free content curation tools, which are popular and used by everyone. So here you go the top 5 content curation tools which help you in 2014.


1.       Sccop.It:-
Scoop.It one of the best and popular content curation tools, with the help of this you can easily create topic related boards. Once your board creation process is done, you can add your favorite content on specific boards. You can also follow many people related to your industry, so that you can get informative posts from industry experts.

Content Curation tools


2.        Paper.LI:-
With you can create your own online newspaper which is totally based on your content. This is one of the best ways to find and share some of the great information with your followers, the subscribers or twitter followers will automatically get your online newspaper.

Note: You can also optimize your news paper, like you can remove what you don’t like to deliver only the best content.

Free Content Curation tools


3.       LIST.LY :-
List.LY helps you to create a list of interesting topics; other community members can easily add items and vote up or down items in the list. You can moderate each and every list you create, so that only the best information you will get in your list. The best feature of LIST.Ly is you can easily embed your list on your website.

5 Free Content Curation tools


4.       Storify:-
Storify gives you the power to drag and drop different-different elements to your story. You can also re-order the elements and can add text for the readers. You can add tweets, photos, videos etc. in your story. You can also monitor the stories easily.


Content Curation tools

5.       Google Alerts:-
It is one of the best tools in my view, because I use it. J You can easily create alerts based on your keyword, you will get latest updates related to your keyword. You can easily manage this tool, like how often or what type of updates you want in your inbox.

Content Curation tools


I know there are many tools for content curation, but these 5 tools are popular and you can easily manage them. Please let me know if you have your own favorite tools.

Deepak Jha

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7 thoughts on “Top 5 Free Content Curation tools to use in 2014

  1. I have used tool for content creation and find it really impressive for updating the contents of my website. In 2014, SEO is all about your content and you’ll get top position quickly if your contents are excellent in quality and unique. On the other hand if you have duplicated content then it will not only kick away your website from search results but also penalize your website. I am pretty happy to read about these 5 tools for content creation and will experience other four tools too. Thanks for this great post :)

  2. Great list of content curation tools Deepak. We are a digital agency and for our own social channels we use a number of curation sources including Twitter lists extensively (@eBizROI), and RSS feeds of the relevant blogs such as the AdAge 150 and other similar feeds. LinkedIn Pulse, Google+ Communities. To a lessor degree, we use Facebook trends and Google+ Hot Topics. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very handy list. seems to be quite the rage these days. How feasible is it to manage all of these at the same time? Does it make sense to do so, or just stick with one?

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