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Social Media Management Tool- List of Best 10 tools

We all know that if you are planing for a business specially if it is a online business, then social media will be a very helpful way to gain some exposure. With the help of social media you can not only get some quick buyers but you will also get some loyal fan as well.


Currently their are few important social media sites on which business are focusing like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.. but their are some important questions which might be occur in your mind.

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Will Google Introduce Google Plus Analytic for users?

Google Plus is now the second largest social media platform, he beat twitter in this race and people are hoping that in future he will beat Face book as well. All the SEO community knows that Google is giving more importance to it, that’s why they are changing many things in seo so that they can promote their platform and beat Face book. But still Google Plus is behind in a feature called Analytic, we know that Face book already have an analytic option called Face book page insights through which we can analysis are activity like the things which we are sharing on our page is working or not? Or from which country we are getting more likes or engagement which I think will be more beneficial in Re marketing.  Few days before twitter also announced that they are introducing twitter analytic for all users; through this we can analyze our tweet etc… But what about Google Plus? As Google is trying to introduce it as social media but they are not trying to give a fight to their competitors like Face book and twitter, besides changing the Whole layout. LOL J So if Google introduce a Google Plus analytic what feature we will get? Some of the common features I know are.


1)      Status Analysis: This will help update us about how many +1 and shares we get on our status.

2)      Country and Region: Something like Face book insights options through which we can find how many +1 and shares we get from particular country or region, this will also help us in future if Google introduce Google + Ads.

3)      Circles: How many people are adding us in their circles etc…

4)      Profile Views: We can track how many people have visited our profile and their spending time; this will help us more if we have a company page because we can use this data by targeting those people for our promotional posts.

5)      Mobile tracking: something like Google analytic feature through which we can track that how many people use Google Plus on their mobile, from which country people are using phones to use Google Plus.

I think All these 5 points will be added when Google launch  its G+ Analytics or might be possible that he will add this in Google Analytics because if you check then you will find that in Google analytics we have many options to analyze our social media campaign.

What do you think when will Google lunch Google plus Analytics?


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