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Blogging Tools

Hey Folks,


Welcome to the Blogging tools gold mine, here I will discuss lots of blogging tools to help Bloggers and content marketers.

blogging tools

This list is not the end, but have the tools which i used in the past or using them currently in my work. I will update it regularly as soon as I get a new tool which really helps bloggers and other fellow marketers.

I will divide this list in three sections:

  1. Content Creation Idea tools
  2. Content Optimization tools
  3. Content Promotion Tools

let’s start the list of tools, and don’t forget to Bookmark it for future updates. 😛

Content Creation Idea Tools:

Content Creation Idea Tools

Do you know how many posts are posted every day? I think they are un-countable but how people get ideas to write that much of content? Don’t know the answer, no worry. Keep Reading the post, after this post you will have lots of ideas in your mind for your next post.

Let’s have a look on tools through which you can create some interesting topics for your blog.

1) Buzz Sumo:

It’s one of my favorite tools for content ideas, it is very simple to use but very effective. Just type your topic or URL in Buzz Sumo search box and hit search, wait for a second and you will see a bunch of topics which performs good on social media.


You can also use its filter option to find more specific content ideas, like if you only want Article ideas or Infographic then before hitting the search select your best option. Give it a Try.

2)Portent Title maker:

Portent Title makerI was using it in the past, and i think this tool also gives you couple of best topics for writing. Just Enter the topic and hit the button and you will get a perfect title for your next blog post. You can find couple of helpful options to make your title better, if you are not happy with the title than you can hit the search again and again until you find something better.


quora for content

It is one of the best Q/A community; you will see lots of questions on Quora asked by its members. But it is not a just Q/A community; you can get some content ideas from this community.

Just follow your relevant topic and check how many people are asking questions on what topic? Find the most relevant question and starting writing your blog post.

Note: I am also Quora, so you can follow me as well.

4)Quick Sprout:

quicksprout for content marketingI think everyone know this website, so when you are not reading the blog posts of this website try some other options of this website. Enter the url in the search box available on the Home page. After few seconds you will see the report of website analysis, click on social media tab and you will get list of posts which are most shared on social media. Read the most shared article and ask yourself”Why this content gets too many share on social media” and starting writing your piece of content.


Remember this? You better be. Delicious is one of the popular site where people share their content for better reach, here you will get ideas for your content.

content marketing wuth delicious

There are 2 option of finding content on Delicious, 1) “Trending on Delicious” option to find what is currently trending and choose your topic of writing.2) you can use it’s search option, just write your keyword and hit the search. You will get a good list of articles which are popular and got lots of votes on Delicious.

6) Blog Topic Generator:

Blog Topic GeneratorOne better tool to find content ideas, this tool is quite similar to Portent Title Maker. Just enter three keywords and it will return you with some topics based on your keywords.

Content Optimization tools

1) Keyword Planner Tool:

Do I need to introduce this? I think yes, because this article is also for beginners.

google-keyword-planner* Keyword Planner tool is a Google product; with the help of this we find relevant keywords for our website and blog posts.*

Before you start writing your content, just do some keyword analysis and list out some of the important keywords in your excel file. For better reach keep all kind of keywords like long tail keywords, exact matches etc…Optimize your blog post with the help of these keywords so that you can get some relevant traffic from search engines.

2) Yoast WordPress Plugin:


It is one of the best seo plugin today for wordpress, many bloggers and content marketers are using it for their blog. With the help of this you can make your content SEO friendly, beside this you can make your content Social media friendly as well.

3) Grammarly:

Grammarly for content marketing

It is an online Grammar checker tool, just past your content and run it. It will check grammar errors, sentence errors etc. With the help of this you can make your content more error free for readers, before publishing your content must run this.

3. Content Promotion Tools:

This is a quite hard task, as I have seen that too many people have the problem that they are not getting too much traffic on their blog post.
As we know that everyday their might be millions of posts are published, and in tough competition how to promote your content for better reach?

Here I will list out some of the tools which will help you in your content promotion campaign, in this list you will see some free tools and some paid tools to promote your content.

OnePress Social Locker:

OnePress Social Locker

It is a wordpress plugin, which allows you to lock a portion of your content behind it. People can only access your content once they share your content on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.


Outbrain for content marketing

It is a paid tool, if you remembered you have seen it’s advertisement on many big websites. You can find it below the blog posts as related articles options and when you go bit deeper you will see “Powered By outbrain”.

It promotes content on many relevant websites as “Related Article”, beside this there are some more services like Taboola, simple reach etc.


contently for content marketing

Just discovered it, a very good tool to promote yourself with your content. Basically here, you are going to create your Portfolio kind of thing and showcase of your work you can submit your links.


wisestamp email signature

I think most of us already heard about the blog post promotion through email signature, but with this tool you will make it easier for you in a stylish way. Just create your signature with wisestamp and include your blog rss feed, social media on configuration time. Rest you will see when you compose a new email.


bufferapp for content marketing

I think many of you are already using it, right? Well this tool is also very helpful in sharing your content across all the social media channels. You can schedule your content for sharing at ideal time or time when your maximum followers are online.

Mail chimp:

Content Promotion Tool

This tool is the part of email marketing; you can reach at your subscribers with every new post you write for your blog. In free version you can find many options which are really helpful.

People call it Content Curation tool, here you can create scoops which are like categories and submit your post on that category. If you believe that your content is awesome, then find some other popular scoops and suggest them your content.

Content Promotion Tool

This is all I have for now, but remembers as I told you earlier that I will update this list as soon as I got new tools which really helps blogger, so stay with me by subscribing my email list.


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