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Blog Optimization- The Basic But Important Tips

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Blog :- blog is a website consisting many entries or posts, in this case most recent entries appeared first. Blog sites include comment and links facilities to attract the users. Blogger can share their experience in the form of a post. Blogging has become a craze on line, everyone is making a blog, but sadly enough; not all blogger’s are successful. They are ignored by search engines and only few readers can find them. So if you want that your blog cover major area and most people read your blog then you have to optimize your blog according to search engines.

Blog optimization

It is little bit different from search engine optimization, as we know that most of the blogs are listed on public blog platforms. In blog optimization it may not seen obvious at first but the type of blog template you use is important. The layout may be quite appealing to you and your readers, but that does not mean that search engine likes your idea. It may cause the ranking of blog, might be possible that new readers not find your blog. Always update your blog so that you can maintain your regular users as well, give them useful tools to work with and make their viewing experience as enjoyable as possible.

Blog Optimization Techniques

There are several blog optimization techniques available by which you can make your blog more visible to your readers and can generate a good traffic for the blog.

  1. Check Your Default Template

    if you customize your blog and design a original look for the blog , then your blog definitely stand out and achieve good rankings in SERP’S result. The combination of logos, pictures and colors will make your blog more attractive.

  2. Really simple syndication

    RSS is a great feature to have, free blogging platforms that don’t offer it; has a big disadvantage. If it is not available then add it as soon as possible and adding a logo will be a good approach. In the case of RSS snippets don’t copy the words from blog post, write some short but unique content.

  3. Expand with email

    Today most of the people like RSS, but there are some people who don’t use this features; so for them use the email  service. If you don’t have the time to send the latest blog post by email, you can find some on-line services related to this features.

  4. Format Your Text Properly

    Always remembers that readers don’t like the small words and paragraph which is not properly broken down. But nobody wants to read a big block of content, so edit your text in proper way; break the paragraph when you feel to be. Use a text which is easy to read.

  5. Text Errors

    Before publishing your blog firstly check the spelling errors; don’t use the abbreviations because it is not possible that everyone knows the meaning of your abbreviations.

  6. Page Speed

    Readers want to read and they don’t like to wait too much after clicking on the RSS logo for downloading. A 30 second loading time is too long.

  7. Navigation Bar

    blogs which are the part of big companies or websites should incorporate a navigation bar. Site navigation will help the readers to get back on the main page.

  8. Widgets Limits

    too many Java script can slow down your site, so always select those widgets which are useful for the site.

  9. Proper Title

    title tags are one of the important elements of search engine optimization it is really important and affects both user experience and seo. Before selecting the title for blog, just make sure that your title matches your content. Fascinating titles often result higher click through rates. When creating the title for home page, include your brand name in the title and important keyword of the blog.

  10. Maintain the CSS

    when you use standard template, probably all your css are placed in an external file, but if you select custom made design you may want to inspect your blog designer’s handy work. CSS that are not put in an external file can clutter up your pages.

  11. Post Update

    Update your blog regularly, it keep your site fresh and always different data attracts your old visitors with new visitors. Search engines also like fresh content. So if you do that after some time you might be rank well in SERP’s.

  12. Source Links

    if you are using content from article, blogs, studies or any other resource; always include their links. It makes your profile genuine and content.

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