Welcome to Bloggersfriend.com- a blog that helps other bloggers to make their blogging better and effective.

My name is Deepak Jha and I’m a full time blogger from India, I started Bloggers Friend (BF) as medium where I will share stuffs which help my fellow bloggers to make their blogging successful.

Blogging Consultant

I started Bloggers Friend (BF) so that I can help other bloggers in solving their problems with my knowledge, with BF I will make sure that I cover all the basic topics to advance blogging topics.

I am doing seo from last 5 years and I have seen that many bloggers are facing problems related to traffic, readership, not able to make money from the blog through any way which includes Adsense and other affiliate marketing. And when they found that their blog is not working well in other words they are not getting much traffic from search engines or from other platforms, they quit their blogging and start something else to earn money.

Even I also faced such problems in the beginning of my career; I was also not happy with the results and changed the method every time. I did every possible way to earn money through blogging which includes Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and other Google Adsense alternatives but end of the day that little money was not sufficient for me.

Now I’m happy what I am doing right now, that’s why I started BF to help bloggers who are facing the same problem which I faced in the past. I will share all the experience which not only helps you to solve your technical blogging issues but also help you to make your way to earn money from blogging.

I hope that with the help of BF I can make a great community of bloggers, from where newbie gets motivations and pro gets solutions of their problems.

I hope you all like Bloggers Friend (BF) and share your love by following us on social media; also I want you to share each post you like so that other bloggers can get the knowledge of blogging.

Happy Blogging!

Deepak Jha

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