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How to Make a Money Making Website

Hello Readers,

Today, there are many people who are making money online, I am not talking about only few dollars but I am talking about thousands of dollars. Yes you are right, thousands of dollars from a websites.

how to make money online

pozycjonowanie stron w wyszukiwarce google


pozycjonowanie stron w wyszukiwarce google bielsko-biała

You can call those websites as money making website, but the important question is How to Make a Money Making Website?

Yes, you are right this is a big question.


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How to install WordPress Themes

One more article in the series of Worpress Guide, in last article we saw “How to install WordPress Plugins” and in this article we will talk about How to install WordPress Themes. WordPress themes can give your website or blog a professional look and optimize it more for readers.

How to install wordpress theme

There are thousands of wordpress themes available, some are paid with extra features and some are free. Just hit the search query in Google “Wordpress themes” and you will see many articles are offering wordpress themes, even you will see their Demo version so that you can predict how your website will look after installation of the theme.


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How install to WordPress Plugin

Word Press is one of the popular CMS for bloggers; because of it’s easy to use UX designs and customizations. With Word Press you can easily make a blog which is user friendly and SEO friendly.

To make your blog friendly for user and search engines, Word Press plugins play a major role. With Word Press Plugin’s you can customize your blog perfectly, if you search on Google by typing “Word Press Plugins” then you will find thousands of plugins for different- different purpose.


Once you have found the plugin as per your need, then the question will arise” How to install a plugin perfectly?” There are two methods by which you can easily install the plugins on your wordpress blog:


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Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review- A little help for bloggers

WordPress is one of best and easy to use platform for bloggers; with wordpress you can start your blogging journey very easily. You can find hundreds of plug-ins for wordpress, with the help of them you can easily customize your wordpress blog as per your needs.



But what about the website hosting, which hosting provider is good for you at your initial level of blogging? If you don’t want to invest too much on wordpress hosting and still want some good service in cheap price then I would recommend Bluehost.

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